At PVI, one of our core objectives for our participants is community involvement and inclusion. We believe that for any individual to live a full and well-rounded life, not only are vocational skills important but so are social skills and a sense of community. Being an involved member of the community through various clubs, organizations and volunteer opportunities, outside of our program and the immediate family, provides independence, confidence, team work skills, pride, friendships and joy.

We are extremely pleased that a number of our participants are involved with the following groups and organizations.

• Special Olympics of New Jersey
Volleyball, Basketball, Track, and Bowling Special Olympics Torch Run

• Breakfast Cafe
Several times a year, a number of our participants at a local high school plan, shop, prepare, serve, bus tables and use a cash register in order to make breakfast for the teachers. Those receipts are donated to the school district to help fund the annual Special Needs Prom.

• STAR Club
Students Together for Autism Research allows special needs and regular education students to interact toward one goal, enhancing the lives of children diagnosed with Autism.

Thank you for making a difference!