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Catch Us At Dickens!

Dickens is happening on Saturday, December 1st this year! We'll have hot cocoa, signups for Pictures with Santa and lots of new toys for your furry family members.

Did we say lots of new toys? We meant it. Let's talk about all the new toys Pride Paws is carrying. We have TONS of new OutwardHound toys by Nina Ottosson puzzle, Busy Buddy toys, Kong Toys and Pride Paws Snuffle Mats! Plus, we've just started to make our own Pride Paws collars!

OutwardHound Nina Ottosson Puzzle Toys

Check out the video of Simon playing with the Dog Worker puzzle. You might ask yourself, why puzzle toys? You might even think that your dog isn't a good fit for these toys. Think again! Simon's brother Harley who hardly plays with any toys is obsessed with these puzzle games. I can't put one puzzle toy for Simon down without also putting one down for his brother! These toys help to reduce boredom, behavior and weight problems. Dogs need mental stimulation too!

Come check out our Nina Ottosson pyramid toys: we have them in a few different sizes that are perfect for your rat, cat or dog!

Busy Buddy Toys

We now carry a feeder ball called The Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble that PetSafe says will keep dogs engaged as they work for their food, which appeals to their natural hunting instincts. What a fun way to feed your dog! The toy will hold an entire meal and help with weight management as your dog will be working for their food and not able to scarf it down all at once!

Stop in to check out all the different ways you can keep your furry family members busy, especially during the holiday season when you have friends and family members over. These are great Holiday gifts ideas too!

Snuffle Mats!

We're now making snuffle mats for your furry friends to make dinner time and breakfast more exciting! We now carry several different options to help say goodbye to your dog's boring food bowl: busy buddy kibble nibble, puzzle toys, and now the snuffle mat! Check Harley out as he tests out Pride Paws very first snuffle mat! Please be mindful when you have a few dogs in the house as they may not want to share. Harley does not like sharing his food with Simon.

We'll see everyone at Dickens on Saturday, December 1st!

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