Pride Paws Spotlight: Alicia

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Get to know all of our hard workers here at Pride Paws!

Alicia is one of the founding participants at Pride Paws. She is the daughter of Lynn, one of the managers at Pride Paws. Let's get to know a little more about our good friend, Alicia!

1. How long have you been working at Pride Paws? Since it opened in September of 2010.

2. What is your favorite job to do at Pride Paws? I like everything.

3. Out of all the cookies you've baked at Pride Paws, which flavor is your favorite? Honey Ginger.

4. What are some of your hobbies? Singing, dancing, and baking.

5. What's your favorite food? Italian food.

6. What is your favorite vacation spot? Wildwood.

7. What is your favorite holiday and why? Christmas! I love decorations and Christmas music, especially "White Christmas". I love watching my Golden Retriever Bella open up presents.

8. What's your favorite type of music? Latin and pop.

9. What are your favorite TV shows? The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Monk, Scooby-Doo, and Psych.